Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A trip to a nature reserve!

Hello Friends at home and around Europe,

Today class 4 took me on a fantastic trip to the Old Moor Nature Reserve. It is a place where animals can live safely.

Here I am with my friends at the main entrance! I am sitting on a robin bird.

My class found out all about food chains. They even let me be part of one although I did tried to explain that I wouldn't eat any of the birds.

The teacher took us to the woodland where we collected information about the habitat.

We used temperature sensors and light sensors to make readings.

It was really fun exploring the woodlands. Can you see where I am hiding?

Here are some of the minibeasts and insects we collected using paintbrushes!

I even made friends with some of the English birds: blue tits, chaffinches, robins and blackbirds. Each bird had a unique chirp.

Here i am oberving the birds at the Wetlands hideaway!

My friends helped me to use the binoculars. It was a little bit scary because the Canada geese looked massive.

Here I am supervising some of my friends while they went pond-dipping. Don't get too close or you might fall in!

We found lots of unusual bugs in the water but no tasty fish for me!

Well, off home we go. It has been a fantastic day. I will write back soon to tell you about more of my adventures.

Love from Van Cat xxxxx

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